Micronesian Sculptures

Great pair of Japanese Era  Micronesian Sculptures

Object Type:  Micronesian Sculptures

Locality: Micronesia

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1940

Height: 14 cm

Description: Lots of later Micronesian squatting figures come to the market but how often does a pair of Japanese Era cubist Micronesian sculptures of this quality become available?  This pair has the sex clearly shown, has a great patina, and are in near-perfect condition.  If you collect Micronesian Art ask yourself when are you likely to come across another pair as good as this?

Price: $2500 AUD


Sale price

$1200 AUD

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Micronesian Squatting figures

Micronesian sculpture refers to the traditional art of sculpting found in the islands of Micronesia. Micronesia, a region in the western Pacific Ocean. Micronesia is made up of thousands of small islands in four main island groups

Micronesian sculpture encompasses a variety of artistic traditions and styles. Each island group has its own unique characteristics. The sculptures are primarily made from locally available materials such as wood, stone, coral, and shells. The art forms range from small-scale carvings to large-scale monumental sculptures.

In Micronesia, the sculpture has served both practical and cultural purposes. It has been used for religious rituals, storytelling, ancestor worship, and as a means of expressing social and political power. The sculptures often depict human figures, animals, mythological creatures, and representations of deities.

Another prominent example of Micronesian sculpture is the “Ebisu” figures from the Marshall Islands. Ebisu figures are carved wooden sculptures depicting ancestral deities. These figures were believed to possess spiritual powers.

It’s important to note that Micronesian sculpture is a diverse and rich artistic tradition. Art has evolved over time, influenced by factors such as cultural practices, historical events, and interaction.

Like many other artefacts, this object is not just an artefact it is art. Collectors from around the world collect art from different regions. This art is Tribal art. In reality, Tribal art or ethnographic art is art from around the world.
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