Massim Club

Massim Club for sale

Object Type: Massim Club / Massim Dance Club

Locality: Northern Massim Probably Trobriand Islands Papua New Guinea

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1920

Height: 66 cm

Description: This early 20th-century dance club is more three dimensional than most. The club has four snake motifs with remnants of orange ochre. Both the snake motif and orange ochre are found on only very early used Massim material.  Massim clubs are far from rare but great ones like this example are few and far between.

Damage: Slight loss to the top back side. Damage to this style of dance club is to be expected as they were clashed together during the ceremonial dance. Hairline cracks on the handle.

Price: $1800 AUD

Sale price $800 AUD

Article on New Guinea War clubs

Massim Club Papua New Guinea 

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Papua New Guinea War Club as Art
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