Vanuatu War Clubs

 There are different styles of Vanuatu war Clubs. They vary in style and shape depending on the region/tribe they come from. This article is an introduction to the different types of Vanuatu war clubs and Melanesian war clubs. It has images to help readers identify where a war club comes from.

Vanuatu War clubs are quite beautiful in their own right and are collectible. They are not just collected by militaria enthusiasts but by collectors of tribal artifacts.

I buy Vanuatu War Clubs and Polynesian war clubs so if you have one to sell I would love to see it. If you just want to know what your Vanuatu war club is worth please feel free to send me a Jpeg.


Vanuatu Wooden Clubs

Vanuatu Clubs

There are numerous different club styles from Vanuatu. Many Vanuatu clubs have a distinctive pommel at the bottom.
Most Vanuatu clubs a red hardwood and have a Polynesian Club Patina.
The most common form of club has four or more lobes on the top under a mushroom-like dome. Compared to other Pacific Islands there are not many collectors of Vanuatu Clubs.
Sometimes Vanuatu clubs are called New Hebrides Clubs.

Vanuatu Footstamp clubs

These clubs often have a star head, simple shaft, and decorated foot. They are rare and the foot stamp is easily damaged.

New Caledonian Clubs

There are a variety of different clubs from New Caledonia. These first two shown here are the most common to come onto the market.

The club to the left is referred to as a Phallic club. The one on the right is a bird-headed club

Clubs from New Caledonia are recognizable from the bottom of the handle which flares to a slightly wider diameter.

New Caledonia clubs are Melanesian but with strong Polynesian influence. The style, wood and patina often lead people to think these are Polynesian clubs.

New Guinea War Club Types

New Guinea clubs

Numerous different types of war club are found in New Guinea. These New Guinea War Clubs have their own separate article. A Few types are shown here.

Solomon Islands War Club Types

Solomon Island Paddle clubs

Numerous different types of war club are found in the Solomon Islands. These Solomon island War Clubs have their own separate article. A Few types are shown here.

Micronesian Clubs

Kiribati Island Clubs

The best-known war clubs from Micronesia come from Kiribati Island. Edged in sharks teeth attached to a wooden club by coconut fiber string and come in several different forms.

Used in spectacular ritualized fighting between the clans. Kiribati is one of the few places in the Pacific Islands to have a form of armour

Wuvulu Weapons

Weapons from Wuvulu are surprisingly common but the majority are tourist examples. Old genuine weapons from Wuvulu island are rare and collectible.

Vanuatu Clubs

Vanuatu War Club Value

All old Vanuatu War clubs and clubs from the South Pacific Islands have some value. The value of a war club depends on the beauty rarity and condition. If you have a club and it isn’t shown here please look through my articles Pacific Island war clubs of polynesia, Native clubs of Fiji and Aboriginal Boomerangs. If you still cannot find information on a club feel free to send me some images.

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