New Guinea Mask Value


Want to find a New Guinea mask Value

Finding a New Guinea mask value can be very difficult. It is a specialized field. Very few auctioneers have the in-depth knowledge of this art form. A New Guinea mask value ranges from virtually worthless to tens of thousands of dollars. Getting it right is important. The vast majority of New Guinea masks are not very valuable. Any pieces that were made for sale tend to have very limited value. People who collect New Guinea mask are often after a particular object or objects of a particular type. They are almost always after a mask that has been made to be used by the culture that made it.
If you send me some images of your New Guinea mask and details I can help. Please include labels on the back, numbers and collection history. I don’t charge for helping determine values. 
I have a database of New Guinea masks that have sold for over a five hundred dollars. After I examine the images, I can compare your New Guinea mask to pieces sold. Then keeping in mind the current trends of the market I can give you a good estimate of what your New Guinea mask is worth.
When buying a New Guinea mask I go through the same process. I pay between twenty to fifty percent less than I can sell it for. On a low-value mask that is going to be hard to sell, I need a larger profit margin to make it worthwhile. A great piece, with high value, I can deal with a small profit margin. With the rare mask I want for my personal collection, I am happy to pay the market price.


Trash or Treasure?

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Other things that affect New Guinea mask value

Where and how you sell a New Guinea mask affects its value. The majority of collectors do not have the time to find New Guinea masks in auctions. They are also reluctant to bid knowing they will have to organize third-party shipping, fumigation and quarantine inspections. Many pieces sold at auction reappear and sell again through dealers for far more only months later.
The New Guinea mask market has very limited collectors. This means that prices vary depending on what is being collected and by whom at the time.
The four main factors that determine value are Age, Rarity, Condition and Aesthetic appeal.
If you need an official written New Guinea mask valuation for insurance, then you need to pay for a certified valuation. Contact me I can help.
I am always happy to see new artifacts. Every piece is unique. I can definitely give you a value on what your piece is worth.
Not even sure if your mask is from Papua New Guinea? Read my article on New Guinea Masks or Sepik Masks or just send me an image anyway.