Sell New Guinea Mask

Want to Sell New Guinea mask?  The process is really easy.

Take a couple of images of the New Guinea mask you want to sell and send them to me by email.  Please include the dimensions. Send a short description of any labels, collection information or damage. Please take photos of the front back and side. I may also ask you to take photos of piercings and close-ups to judge the patina.

You don’t need gallery-quality photos.  I have been doing this for ages and deal with all sorts of images. Often it is easiest to just take the mask outside and take a photo in the shade.

The value of your New Guinea Mask will depend on the condition, age, size rarity and of course how aesthetically pleasing it is.

I pay the best price.

Please feel free to show it to your local auction house or other dealers and come up with the price if you want.  I know this is often quite difficult so if you have no idea of what your New Guinea mask is worth then show it to me.  I will make you an offer.

Once a price has been agreed, I will send you money by direct bank transfer or PayPal.

I have great clients for top quality masks, so I can good prices and still make a profit.

Often people will sell a New Guinea mask at auction.  I have sourced many underpriced masks at auction over the years. The problem with an auction is that you need two people in the room who know what your piece is worth and who have the money and are willing to pay for it. They also have to be willing to deal with third party freight companies, fumigation, and quarantine.

If you want to sell New Guinea mask that is a masterpiece I can also sell on a commission basis.

Not Sure if your mask is from New Guinea, please feel free to browse my article on New Guinea masks.

Sell New Guinea mask

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Papua New Guinea War Club as Art
Like many other artifacts, this object is not just an artifact it is art. Collectors from around the world collect art from different regions. This art is Tribal art. In reality, Tribal art or ethnographic art is art from around the world.
Please feel free to also my other website on Aboriginal Art and Artifacts.