Kandrian War Shield

Old Kandrian War Shield from West New Britain Papua New Guinea

Object Type: Papua New Guinea Shield

Locality: Kandrian People West New Britain Papua New Guinea

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1960’s

Height: 124 cm

Description: Old Kandrian shields made for war and for ritual have sdesigns on the front and the back.  The concentric circles on the front are tighter and the designs on the back clan specific and related to the designs on Tapa from this area.

Price: $1200 USD

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War Shield from the Kandrian people of West New Britain papua New Guinea

The Kandrian shield is typically made from three pieces of softwood. The shield’s surface is often adorned with carvings, which can feature geometric patterns,.

The design and decoration of the Kandrian shield hold great symbolic meaning within the local culture. The carvings often reflect the clan or family affiliations of the shield’s owner. The motifs and patterns on the shield can serve as visual markers of identity and social status.

Beyond its ceremonial and symbolic significance, the Kandrian shield has is also a practical defensive weapon. The shield’s sturdy construction and shape allow it to provide protection against spears. Warriors would hold the shield in one hand and wield a spear in the other, creating a formidable defence against attackers.

In recent years, the Kandrian shield has gained recognition beyond its traditional context. It has become sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts. Its unique craftsmanship and cultural significance have made it a valued piece of indigenous art.

Today, the Kandrian shield continues to be made and used in ceremonial events. It serves as a symbol of pride and identity for the people of West New Britain and their ancestral roots. 

It is not only keyword that I use this technique for. I have used it for other artifacts and artworks from Papua New Guinea and oceanic art.
Papua New Guinea War Club as Art
Like many other artifacts, this object is not just an artifact it is art. Collectors from around the world collect art from different regions. This art is Tribal art. In reality, Tribal art or ethnographic art is art from around the world.
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