Papuan Gulf Figure

Papuan Gulf Figure from the Namau People Purari River Delta.

Object Type: Sculpture

Locality: Purari River Delta Papuan Gulf, Papua New guinea

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1950

Height: 58 cm

Description: This figure has a raised nose and pierced ears typical of figures made for worship made prior to the 1950’s.It is a female figure and the sex is clearly indicated making it a pre christian example.  The figure has a good patina and 3 dimensional sculpture from this area is extremely rare.


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Left:  Note the ears are pierced and that the nose is raised. Piercing of the ears was a part of the female initiation ceremony.


The white U shape indicates a kina shell pectoral.


Unlike later carvings from this area the designs on the figure are in relief and the sculpture is not made to stand up.

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Papuan gulf sculpture from the Purari delta

Papuan Gulf art refers to the artistic traditions and cultural expressions found in the Papuan Gulf region of Papua New Guinea. The Papuan Gulf is located in the southern part of the country and is known for its diverse ethnic groups and rich artistic heritage.

The art of the Papuan Gulf is characterized by its vibrant colours, intricate designs, and a strong emphasis on symbolism. The region is known for its, sculpture, pottery, body adornments, and elaborate ceremonial objects.

Woodcarving is a prominent art form in the Papuan Gulf, with skilled artisans creating intricate sculptures and masks. The carvings often depict human and animal figures, mythological creatures, and ancestral spirits.

Body adornments play a significant role in the artistic expression of the Papuan Gulf. Elaborate headdresses, necklaces, armbands, and other forms of jewelry. These adornments worn during ceremonies, rituals, and important cultural events.

In addition to visual arts, performance arts also play a vital role in Papuan Gulf culture. Traditional dances, songs, and storytelling are important forms of artistic expression, often accompanied by intricate costumes and masks.

The themes and motifs in Papuan Gulf art often revolve around ancestral and spiritual beliefs. The art reflects the close relationship between the people and their environment.

Papuan Gulf art has gained recognition both locally and internationally. Museums and art galleries often exhibit Papuan Gulf artworks.

 This art is Tribal art. In reality, Tribal art or ethnographic art is art from around the world.

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