Guam River Sculpture

Guam River Sculpture for sale.

Object Type: Magical Charm

Locality: Rommerkum Village Guam River middle Ramu Papua New Guinea

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1940

Height: 29 cm

Description: This Extremely rare little figure comes from the Middle Ramu. There are later examples of this form of sculpture but those do not have genitals or a pierced nose. Early example like this one are exceedingly rare and hardly ever come up on the market.  It is ex Michael Hamson collection.


Price: $7500 AUD

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Middle Ramu sculpture Papua New Guinea 

The Ramu River sculpture refers to a unique form of artistic expression found in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea. The Ramu River is located in the northern part of the country and is known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions.

These sculptures are primarily made from wood, but other materials like clay, stone, and shells may also be incorporated.

The Ramu River sculptures often depict human figures, animals, ancestral spirits, and mythological creatures. , They are typically characterized by their exaggerated and stylized forms. The sculptures are often large in size, sometimes reaching several meters in height.

One of the notable features of the Ramu River sculptures is their association with traditional rituals and ceremonies. The sculptures are often created as part of important cultural events. They serve as powerful symbols of spiritual beliefs.

Wood carving is a prominent technique, with skilled artisans using traditional tools like adzes and chisels. The sculptures are often adorned with natural pigments, feathers, and shells.

Ramu River sculptures have gained recognition for their artistic quality and cultural significance. They have been collected and exhibited in museums and art galleries worldwide. These sculptures serve as important cultural artefacts.

This art is Tribal art. In reality, Tribal art or ethnographic art is art from around the world.

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