Three Papuan Gulf kapkap adornments

Three old Papuan Gulf Adornments called Kapkap

Object Type: Adornment

Locality: Kerema region Papuan Gulf

Artist: Unknown

Circa: 1930

Diameters top to bottom: 5.5 cm, 7 cm, 6.5cm


The top Kapkap is small but incredibly fine.

The middle Kapkap is of a very unique design

The lower Kapkap is of classic design

These are the last of the Papuan Gulf Kapkap that I have and I suspect after these have sold they will not come on the market very often because they are one of the loveliest adornments

Price for set of 3 on custom made stands: $2100 AUD

SALE PRICE Until November 30

$1600 AUD

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Papuan Gulf kapkap adornments

“Kapkap” is a term used to refer to a specific type of traditional ornament or accessory. Kapkap occur in various cultures including Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands.

A kapkap is typically a decorative pendant or necklace made from various materials. The specific materials used vary depending on the cultural context and the availability of local resources.

The design and style of kapkap can also vary significantly between different cultures. Some kapkap are simple and understated, while others can be quite elaborate and intricately crafted.

Kapkap holds cultural and social importance in these Pacific cultures. They are often worn during ceremonies, rituals, and festive occasions.

It’s important to note that the term “kapkap” is used broadly to refer to traditional ornaments. Each group has its own unique traditions, symbolism, and techniques when it comes to creating and wearing kapkap.

 This art is Oceanic Art. In reality, Tribal art or ethnographic art is art from around the world.

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