Lower Ramu Mask

Lower Ramu Mask for sale

Object Type: Dance Mask

Locality: Bosmun Village lower Ramu Region Papua New Guinea

Masks name: Jerenboan

Circa: 1940

Dimensions: 50 cm X 19 cm X10 cm

Description: This powerful dance mask comes from the Bosmun people of the Lower Ramu River. I was fortunate to have been able to question the owner of the mask who explained it was called Jerenboan and pointed out the serious furrowed brows and delicately carved nosepieces indicating that Jerenboan is a powerful male warrior spirit. He went on to explain that the masks are traditionally danced in groups with different masks representing different spirits all of which have there own character. The mask has numerous layers of pigment and a good patina with the back being shell scraped and the bite stick showing wear from being gripped in the dancer’s teeth. Similar but newer mask was sold at Bonhams in November 2007 sale as lot 2029 for $7000- $9000 USD.

Price: $9000 AUD

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Lower ramu mask papua new guinea

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